SO Player Update [Update SOPlayer to Latest Version 1.7.9 on Firestick, Android]

Many users asked me about latest update for the SO Player app. After asking questions regarding the latest version, I noticed that there were some common errors that everyone was making.

One big mistake is not checking for SO Player update. This means they forget to see if there’s a latest version of application waiting for them. When they do this, they miss out on important fixes for problems, improvements to how the app works, and new cool features.

Another mistake is when they see a message telling them to update the app, but they choose to do it later or ignore it. This is not a good idea because it means their app stays old and might have problems that could be fixed with the update.

This is the reason, I decided to write about this topic so that you will not repeat those errors. In this post, I will share my experience and show you what is new in latest SOPlayer update, why you should update your app and how to get its Latest version for Firestick.

SO Player Update

When you receive notification about update of this app, you should go for it immediately. Ignoring such updates is not recommended. There are many reasons why you should update your IPTV Player at once:

Bug Fixes

When you update the SO TV App, it often includes fixes for problems or bugs in the app. These fixes make the app work better and more stable, which means it’s less likely to crash or have issues.


Updating the app also helps keep your personal credentials and sensitive details in safe place. Outdated apps might have weaknesses that some experts can use to get into your device and use your data. So, updating makes your app more secure. For security reasons, always check its reviews before you decide to get started.

SO Player Reviews


App updates can make the SOPlayer App run faster and smoother. This means it’s more enjoyable to use because everything happens quickly and without hiccups. If you feel like your app is not working well, contact its customer support team immediately.

New Features

Sometimes, SO Player update brings new and exciting features to the app. These features can make your app even more useful and fun.


As your device and its software change and improve, updates make sure your app keeps working correctly. It’s like making sure your shoes still fit when your feet grow. This prevents any issues when you update your device.

What’s New in the Latest SO Player Update?

The latest SO Player update (version 1.7.9), released on July 22, 2023 by Apple Store, introduces a number of new features, improvements, and changes, including:

download so player

New Features

  • Multiple IPTV Playlists: In the latest SO Player update (version 1.7.9), released on July 22, 2023, you can now add and manage multiple IPTV playlists. This means you will be able to use different content providers or categories.
  • Fresh User Interface: It has a brand-new look! The updated user interface is simpler and easier to use.
  • More Subtitle Formats: It now supports a wider range of subtitle formats like SRT, SSA, and SUB. This makes it easier to enjoy content with subtitles.
  • Better Playback: Even if you have a not-so-fast device, this app’s playback performance has been improved. It runs smoother, especially on devices with less power.


  • Stable EPG: The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) in this app is now more stable and reliable, so you can always see what’s on TV.
  • Faster Channel Switching: Switching between channels is quicker and smoother. No more waiting around!
  • Bug Fixes: The update has fixed several bugs, making this app more stable and dependable.


  • No More “Favorites”: The “Favorites” feature has been removed because not many people were using it.
  • New Default Mode: When you start watching something, it now opens in “PIP” (Picture-in-Picture) mode by default.

Key Features

  • Multiple Playlists: This update makes SO Player more flexible. You can have different playlists for different things.
  • Fresh Look: The new design is user-friendly and helps you find what you want to watch.
  • Smoother Watching: Even if your device isn’t super-fast, it plays videos better.

New update has also added new stuff, makes existing things better.

How to get Latest Version of SO Player for Firestick, Fire TV and Android?

Today, I will show you my screenshots how I used this app’s update to get the latest version of SO Player for Firestick, Fire TV and Android devices. I have purchased a subscription for this app’s Downloader for you, in case you need.

Latest Version of SO Player on Firestick

Stick to my simple steps and you will not make any unforced errors in the update process.

For Android

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your Android device.

App Store

Step 2: Access “My Apps & Games” from the Play Store menu.

Step 3: Find and select “SO Player” from the list of installed apps.

Step 4: Tap the “Update” button.

download so player

Step 5: Wait till your update is completed.

For Amazon Fire TV Stick/Fire TV

Step 1: Navigate to the home screen on your Fire TV Stick/Fire TV.

Step 2: Scroll to the top menu and select “Settings.”

SO Player Home Page Settings

Step 3: In the Settings menu, choose “My Fire TV” (or “Device” on some models).

Step 4: Select “About” in the “My Fire TV” (or “Device”) menu.

Step 5: Choose “Check for Updates” in the “About” menu.

Step 6: If it appears in the updates list, select it, and then select “Update” to start the update process.

Step 7: Wait till your update is completed.

These steps will carry you to latest version of this app for Firestick, Android and Apple TV. If you have not got your app, download it from our website.

What is SOPlay?

SOPlay is a modern app designed for streaming TV content over the internet. Its importance lies in its ability to provide easy access to a wide range of channels and shows on your devices, be it your phone or TV. it will enable you to enjoy TV and on-demand videos at your convenience.


SOPlay is a significant addition to your entertainment options, offering a broader selection of content and flexible viewing choices, making it a convenient and enjoyable way to access your favorite programs.

Is SO Player Legal?

I’ve encountered this question many times, so if you’re considering SO Player update, you might wonder about its legality.

Based on my research, some streaming services that bring updates operate within the bounds of the law. They obtain the necessary permissions and agreements to showcase videos, making their use completely legal.

Is SO Player Legal?

However, I’ve also come across services that disregard local regulations. They lack the proper permissions and might display content they shouldn’t. Engaging with these illegal services could land you in legal trouble since it violates the law.

So, whether SOPlay is legal for you depends on whether the service you choose adheres to the rules. If it does, you’re in the clear. But if it doesn’t, you could potentially face legal consequences.

To ensure your safety and compliance with the law, it’s best to opt for legal and reputable websites as your best providers for this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the latest version of SO Player for Firestick?

The exact version can change over time. For further updated version, consider using Firestick App Store/website.

How do I find its update on my Firestick?

You will be notified by the app. By updating, you get the freshest features, any important bug fixes, and optimal performance, making your viewing experience even better.

Are SO Player updates on Firestick free?

Most of the time, updates are free. But always double-check on the Firestick App Store or the app’s website to be sure.

What is a SO Player Provider ID?

A Provider ID is like a special code for TV services. It’s given to TV companies that use this app’s system. This code makes sure only the right people can watch their shows.

How do I get a SO Player Provider ID?

To get its Provider ID, you have to team up with this app as a TV company. Just talk to customer service team to start.

Drawing a Conclusion

Now that I have explained all my experiene with SO Player Update. In summary, it’s important for you to keep this app updated to have the best experience. When I talked about updates, I showed some common mistakes people make, like ignoring updates or not checking for them.

I also showed you how to update it on your Android device and Amazon Fire TV Stick/Fire TV. Updating is essential because it fixes issues, makes your app more secure, and adds cool features.

I told you about its latest update (version 1.7.9), which brings exciting changes like multiple playlists, a fresh look, and better playback. These updates make watching TV even better.

Lastly, I talked about the legal side of using SO Player. It’s important to choose legal services to stay safe and follow the law.

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